Nov 11, 2019 / Architecture
Garden Alley House by Alphaville

Garden Alley House is a minimalist residence located in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Alphaville. The communal living residence features three rooms on the upper level. Due to the south-facing site, the architects created a garden alley that gradually narrows from the street to the back of the site. The building that extends along this garden alley has a stairway to the share house on the second floor, a gallery entrance, and three entrances to the tea house. In addition, windows are arranged on the long outer wall of the south side of the building to guide the light falling into the garden alley into the room.The colors of the outer walls and the aluminum sash were chosen so that the matte beige was light enough to provide indirect light and at the same time a background that would make the long garden stand out.

Photography by Kei Sugino

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