Harrow Road is a minimal residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects. According to the architects, through a series of interventions, the existing fabric of this 4-story house in north London was adapted to create space for a new studio at the rear of the ground floor, living arrangements on the first and second floors and a new bedroom in the attic. In order to still allow natural light to enter the ground floor, a central courtyard was proposed that both defines and divides the historic from the new.

A brighter roof terrace established above the new studio replaces the lost high walled rear garden space and reinforces the decision to locate the new kitchen/dining on this level. In order to retain privacy, the terrace is screened by a series of solid ash posts that support opaque glazing to the perimeter yet clear glazing that allows views to and from the interior. The addition of a loft bedroom for a child takes advantage of plywood as the single material for the walls, ceiling and floor, punctuated only by a large picture dormer window. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Cathie Curran.

Photography by Ståle Eriksen