Feb 21, 2017 / Architecture
Hayfe by CUBO design architect

Hayfe is a minimal house located in Kanagawa, Japan, designed by CUBO design architect. Located in a terraced residential district, the lot for this project was half flat and half sloping, and nearby the Odawara Castle, built in the 15th century. The property looks down on the neighborhood that grew up around the castle, and beyond that, Sagami Bay and Enoshima island can be seen in the distance. The client, who was born and raised in Odawara, wanted a relaxing home where he and his family could look out on this familiar yet constantly changing landscape. The architects envisioned a mid-air space with all the core elements for daily living lifted up onto the second story, and thought about how to bring the scenery of Odawara into every room. The entryway, guest room, and music room had to be located on the ground floor, so they proposed raising everything else up above them. The three ground-floor elements are located inside two boxy feet that support the second floor. The feet are connected by a single large slab that runs down to the road, and on top of this sits the light wood-framed structure containing the remaining rooms. The children’s bedroom is located in a section of the structure that angles down diagonally due to the slope of the road; directly below is the approach used by students who take piano lessons with the client. Outside, part of the sloped area was terraced using sheet piles so the family can grow a vegetable garden.