Aug 25, 2019 / Architecture
House at the Buddenturm by Hehnpohl Architecture

House at the Buddenturm is a minimalist residence located in Münster, Germany, designed by Hehnpohl Architecture. The house at the Buddenturm is located in the old town of Münster. Similarly, as in Lyonel Feininger’s 1920s work “The City at the End of the World”, the cantilevered missiles display a collectively enshrined typology of urban scale in an Old Town. The staggering of the façade is also evident in the interior. In the area of ​​the staircase, the house gradually fills up with daylight, which passes through roof glazing on the eaves and the ridge into the house. The inclusion of a new building in the narrow, grown network of historic buildings in an old town requires a lot of tact. Here a clearly modern house was inserted, which nevertheless corresponds in scale and roof shape with the old buildings of the neighbors. The austere, rather closed street view is staggered by 2 projections in the red-brown clinker-clad façade, which, although derived from three different escapes, gives the impression of medieval half-timbered gables. However, the extremely reduced handling of surfaces and openings does not allow analogy to historicism.