Aug 16, 2014 / Architecture
House at Camusdarach Sands by Raw Architecture Workshop

Name: House at Camusdarach Sands

Designer: Raw Architecture Workshop

Location: Stromness, United Kingdom

Year: 2014

House at Camusdarach Sands is a minimalist house located in Stromness, United Kingdom, designed by Raw Architecture Workshop. Over 2000 years ago the occupants of Skara Brae, Orkney used locally sourced materials to build partially submerged dwellings providing thermal insulation and protection from the storm battered climate. The weather definitely hasn’t improved, but for the most part the buildings remain intact. The clients, a young couple already living and working in this isolated location, were keen that the architects developed the proposals to capture the spectacular sun rise views over the mountains and sun set behind the islands. Given the topography of the site our early response was to locate the living spaces on the upper portion of the plot, with sleeping accommodation and entry level stacked below.