House in Shioyamachi is a minimalist home located in Tochigi, Japan, designed by Ryu Mitarai. Surrounded by the houses and fields that have Otani stone warehouses, the scenery continues to be long and quiet. The family keeps this large land from generation to generation, where there is a main house, a storehouse, store, well, field, and garden. The architects wanted to develop a one-story building that would correspond to this rich environment with gardens and fields. The building is composed of three large roofs, including a carriage. Each roof has its own slope and expands to the surroundings, creating high and bright eaves that blends in with the environment. The three roofs are arranged to create a half-open courtyard and a U-shaped planar shape as a whole. By doing so, the designer thought that a bright and open architecture without a center and front and back would be best. Even within a limited budget and limited area, there was a lot of effort to mix the inside and outside. Light and wind pass comfortably through a bright and open building.