Feb 26, 2017 / Architecture
House in Tokushima by Fujiwara-Muro Architects

House in Tokushima is a minimal residence located in Tokushima, Japan, designed by Fujiwara-Muro Architects. The client is a married couple and their two children looking for a home and office. There is a plan for a large-scale facility in the adjacent property, and an arterial road with high traffic runs on the south side of the client lot. Under such conditions, a spatial structure was considered to secure lighting and ventilation while assuring privacy throughout the future. Line of sight and noise from the arterial road is blocked by soil banking built on the road side with surplus soil. Daylight from the south side is taken into each room on the second floor by projecting them out from the roof surface, providing excellent lighting and ventilation scheme while securing privacy. A living-dining space in a skip-floor configuration is provided at the central part of the interior space of this building. This space connects to a bedroom, children’s rooms, water sections, and a study room.