Mar 16, 2016 / Architecture
House on Lake Garda by Pedevilla

House on Lake Garda is a minimalist residence located in Veneto, Italy, designed by Pedevilla. A little above the village of Bardolino, located at about 65 meters above sea level, this small holiday house embeds in the landscape of Southern Lake Garda. The layout of the house is a simple rectangular shape to reason, which is characterized by a strict separation between private and social sectors. The private area is divided into two bedrooms and a bathroom, while the lower set living and dining area merges with the generous raumbegrenzende front glazing in the exterior. A rooftop swinging extending parapet provides a seamless view of Lake Garda. The external appearance is primarily characterized by a medium-coarse mineral plaster surface, which was supplemented with regional aggregates.

Photography by Gustav Willeit