Dec 29, 2016 / Architecture
Karuizawa Tunnel by O. F. D. A.

Karuizawa Tunnel is a minimal house located in Nagano, Japan, designed by O. F. D. A.. In the process of developing ideas about the architecture, the architect was influenced by sculptures, paintings, and novels in which he sensed similar motifs.  One of them was a novel by Haruki Murakami.  In his early works, stories developed inside his closed world, but in later novels, various holes were created in his world to establish connections with other worlds. In relation to the building, the architect formed an entrance on the north side with a big roof to the opening on the south facing greenery.  This tunnel is just like the well in Murakami’s novel, a transporter to take the residents to a nature-filled world when they arrive from the city.