Ki Cabin is a minimal cabin located in Fritton Lake, England, designed by KOTO. Ki (translates from Japanese for Tree.) Ki has been sensitively designed with one open facade, framing stunning views overlooking the lake. Arguably the most impressive area of the cabin is the open-plan living, dining and kitchen space. Light filled areas exude calm and serenity allowing natures scenery to take centre stage, sociable and inspiring spaces. Bespoke cabinetry and wardrobes offer an excellent provision for storage throughout. Both cabin designs have a direct connection to nature and maximise natural light and scenic views whilst blending into the landscape. Each design ensures owners have access to the best views and a sense of privacy. A key focus of both designs is building them with nature to protect the environment and to encourage biophilic living; a connectedness between people and nature. Biophilic architecture and biophilic interior design are not just aesthetically pleasing, it has been proven it can provide a huge range of sustained benefits, both physical and psychological.

Photography by KOTO