Nov 16, 2019 / Architecture
Le Pré aux Pierres by David Apheceix & Vincent Le Bourdon

Le Pré aux Pierres is a minimal house located in Les Yvelines, France, designed by David Apheceix and Vincent Le Bourdon. Le Pré aux Pierres is the transformation, renovation and extension of three farm houses near Paris into a new home and project space for a contemporary art collector. The estate made of meadows and forest is 25 hectares but the buildings were only facing a small central courtyard. Through a single gesture, the apposition of an orthogonal pattern onto the houses at an angle, the project aims at opening them towards the surrounding landscape and each other, through those new parallel lines. This pattern has the effect to carve volumes into the existing buildings, producing new façades, spaces and architectural elements. The existing vernacular materials, stone, oak wood and terra-cotta tiles, are stretched around those voids by the operation: beams transform into columns, roofs into walls, ceilings into partitions and the ground floor into first floor. This continuous beige concrete floor that spans between the houses is perforated following the same pattern outside, to entwine terraces and the edge of the forest, in a landscape project developed with Damien Roger. This architectural apparatus works as a tool for the owner to play with infinite dialogical agencies between artworks and a spectacular natural environment.

Photography by Maxime Delvaux