Jun 03, 2016 / Architecture
Madder Red House by O.F.D.A.

Madder Red House is a minimal Japanese home located in Chiba, Japan, designed by O.F.D.A.. The site sits on a higher side of a hill that gently climbs up from the Pacific Ocean near Katsuura, located in a region called Sotobo in Chiba prefecture. The slope is not steep enough to make it a spectacular lookout point. The area has been developed for vacation homes with spacious lots. The local rule prohibits fences, which makes the whole area look like a comfortably stretched residential quarter. The key characteristic of the plan is that there is a large gallery next to the entrance, which is the hub of the traffic in the house.  The plan has been made so that the residents frequently pass through this area when they move between the rooms. The entire gallery from the floor to the ceiling is painted in madder red which is also used on the coved ceiling of each room to create an effect as if the glow of sunset is filtering through the window.

Photography by Hiroshi Ueda