Maison de Maître is a minimal home located in Gent, Belgium, designed by Hans Verstuyft Architecten. Throughout the years, the house had suffered from reduced maintenance, but many original features have been preserved. Hans Verstuyft Architects restored the house in a contemporary but responsibly way. The rear building was completely deteriorated and lost. In function of the new use and contemporary comfort, the house was completely stripped with recycling where possible. The former coach house was designed as a spacious kitchen, the coach entrance acts as a large hallway. Two steel glazed extensions were added, thus making the transition between the different volumes. A small porch and a dining room, bringing the garden all the way inside. The dining room has almost the feel of a green house. The whole complex got his soul back, with an approach that shows the renewal pronounced, but still does not break with the past. Materials and colors were consistently applied, so the original architecture is visible again and strengthened. Other additions such as new flooring or an oak ceiling were custom designed by the architect, and seem to have been there all the time. They are “invisible” present. The interior was developed very sober, new elements are based on what might have been. Wherever possible, old paint layers were polished and maintained. Here the old patina nicely becomes alive. The garden has been fully landscaped too and ties in nicely with the new terraces and extensions. Throughout the house, the garden is present and supports the comfortable feeling everywhere inside.