Palazzo Pioda is a minimalist architecture project located in Locarno, Switzerland, designed by Inches Geleta. In the urban topography of Locarno we recognize the original “old town” (historical core), the Nuovo district (towards the lake) and the Campagna district, towards Solduno. Palazzo Pioda is located in the latter sector: an originally agricultural area, now used as a residence, for commercial, service and production activities; it is therefore a mixed neighborhood, in which the building potentials are very high, reflecting the desire to characterize the neighborhood of a new urbanity. The withdrawals from the border and the planning rules determine the volume of the building. The building, which is spread over six floors and houses one apartment per floor, is a hybrid building: on the one hand, it attests its dignity and urban integrity by manifesting the structure carrying outwards – which actually determines its façade – and on the other hand, through the prefabricated prefabricated plugging covered with micro-perforated sheet metal, it does not deny the semi-industrial and artisanal character of the sector. Recalling the integrity of modernist expressive modalities and in the wake of the Locarno masters of the ” Tendenza” , the architecture of Palazzo Pioda responds to the dynamics of the place.