Residence Waterloo is a minimalist house located in Montreal, Canada, designed by APPAREIL Architecture. For this project, the APPAREIL Architecture team was given the mandate to design an extension for a family residence and to reorganize the common areas. The initial phase of the project was to develop an extension at home that acts as a “light box”. Taking advantage of the abundant lighting, a dining-room has been set up and offers, all year round, a unique view of the backyard. In the kitchen, the sleek cabinets and no apparent hardware enhance the sobriety of the space and highlight the existing dark floors. In contrast to this pristine environment of white, a central wood module is distinguished by its textured surfaces of wooden slats. This interior volume stows the old and the new part. It makes it possible to conceal all necessities by serving as both a dresser and a pantry. The space is clear and seems more spacious. The intervention also extended throughout the ground floor to open the space and create a friendly relationship between the rooms.