Saganaki House is a minimalist residence located in Paris, France, designed by BUMP architects. The project is the extension of a small parisian triangular house, built on a plot of 26m2. The existing home, organized on three levels, had few qualities: complex geometry, difficult to furnish and live, reduced surfaces, low quality construction, and dark with a mono-oriented north facade. The project scope involved structural independence of new construction, creating a first additional level conforming to the geometry of the maximum plot so as to optimize the usable area, and the construction of a second level, off-axis, allowing both to gain a new orientation (west) and remove two small roof terraces. In addition to the existing façade, the new levels have a differentiated architectural style: zinc cladding for the first, wooden cladding for the second, to express both the stack, the hierarchy, and the singularity of the spaces created.