Transformation and Expansion is a minimalist residence located in Peseux, Switzerland, designed by Graber & Petter. This family home, typical of domestic architecture of the 1950s in Switzerland, occupies the center of a garden and extends over two levels. Its original position, overlooking Lake Neuchâtel, offers its inhabitants a breathtaking view. An extension clings to the corner of the house in a subtle way and plays from its position to offer sublime views of the distant and intimate views of the vegetation within the garden. The extension affirms both the expression of its own identity and its affiliation with the main volume. While its volume and aluminum corrugated sheet facade differ from the existing, it is unifying with the old by the resumption of its archetypes and its exterior color. The transformation and extension reorganize the interior spaces to create two superimposed apartments. The strong link between the two volumes allows the realization of a unitary and traversing housing while generating fluid and rich visual relations between the different spaces.