Oct 27, 2020 / Architecture
Woning CV by Vlaminck Van Wetter

Woning CV is a minimalist house located in Beervelde, Belgium, designed by Vlaminck Van Wetter. The garden side of this plot is oriented to the north. The design issue was to bring sunlight into the living areas without compromising the privacy of the home. By adding a closed inner garden in the kink of the L-shaped floor plan, sunlight falls directly and indirectly into the living areas. The sitting area and kitchen are each located in a separate room, but have visual contact through the use of large glass areas. On the first floor, three identical square windows provide exterior views and let in the early morning light and the soft evening light.

By using a heat pump with ground bores and high insulation requirements, this house achieves the almost energy neutral (BEN) label. Mechanical high-efficiency ventilation and passive cooling through the use of underfloor heating in all rooms controls the indoor climate of the home. The façade surfaces combine light gray exterior plaster with surfaces in a rhythm of black wooden slats and natural-colored aluminum joinery.

The parquet floors that continue in all living and sleeping areas lend great tranquility and uniformity to this home. The kitchen is a combination of dark-tinted oak and gray-brown natural stone. The bathroom combines off-white mortex walls and floors with light-colored veined natural stone sinks and bath surround.

Photography by Cafeine