Apr 12, 2017 / Furniture
124° by Daniel Rybakken

124° is a minimal mirror created by Oslo-based designer Daniel Rybakken for Artek. The 124° wall-mounted mirrors have an unmistakable sculptural quality. Two faces are placed 124 degrees apart creating an unexpected dual-aspect reflection of the surrounding space. The mirrors are functional objects designed for use, made from mirror polished sheet steel, and are available in three different variations including one with an integrated wooden shelf.

They are also an evolution of Rybakken’s extensive work around the subjects of natural light and image and as such they punctuate the wall with their strong form, curious reflected image and fragments of refracted light. The mirrors have endless applications; they might be hung in a hallway, bedroom, bathroom or on any wall that might be enhanced by their form and qualities, alternatively they can be used freestanding on a table, shelf or horizontal surface.

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