AL – FORM is a minimalist furniture collection created by Seoul-based designer niceworkshop for FORMAT. Hosted at CAPSULE PLAZA within 10 CORSO COMO, this display coincides with Milan Design Week, running from April 16 to April 21, 2024. The collaboration between niceworkshop and FORMAT springs from a shared background in construction and a mutual commitment to sustainability. Oh, a representative from Niceworkshop, explains that his prior work on construction sites influenced his design philosophy, particularly his use of industrial materials like aluminum. This material familiarity led to the development of furniture that not only repurposes industrial aluminum but also explores the aesthetic potential of these materials.

The design process incorporates a cycle of ‘Production, Rental, Repair, Dissolution, and Reproduction.’ The aluminum formwork, often reused in construction, undergoes processes such as shot blasting and flattening to remove residual concrete. This treatment leaves a textured concrete imprint on the surface, which darkens over time with repeated use. Niceworkshop has harnessed this characteristic in their furniture design, presenting two distinct lines: the ‘Aged Form Line’ which retains the concrete’s textural imprint, and the ‘New Form Line,’ which utilizes freshly recycled materials. The furniture collection includes four types: a lounge chair, a dining chair, a table, and a bench, each embodying the rugged elegance of their construction-derived material.