May 24, 2021 / Furniture
Assemble Sofa by Destroyers/Builders

Assemble Sofa is a minimal sofa designed by Brussels-based studio Destroyers/Builders. The Assemble sofa encourages exactly what its name suggests: to assemble your own sofa. The asymmetrical cushions are assembled into different sofa-elements; There are single seaters to choose from, two seaters, corner elements, poufs and side tables to play around with. This sofa was developed to be neither too firm, nor very soft. “This universal fit was a very important feature in my design process”, says Linde Freya Tangelder, the woman behind destroyers/builders. Form-wise the ASSEMBLE was inspired by weathered pebble stones, by ground glass or the remains of a washed little soap. That rounded silhouette of the sofa shares the same language of some of Tangelders previous designs. 

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