Atlas is a minimalist collection of limited edition furniture pieces created in collaboration between Valeriane Lazard and Paul Brissonnet. Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven under the guidance of Ilse Crawford and Formafantasma, Valeriane Lazard had gained experience in the field of interior and product design working at John Pawson, Studio KO andVincent Van Duysen Architects. Valeriane Lazard aspires to create space and products which aims to be unique, elegant and timeless. Paul Brissonnet is an interior designer based in Paris. Since 2010, he collaborates with some studios in the field of interior architecture such as Studio Henry and Diego Delagdo Elias. He has assisted for three years the artist Mathias Kiss. His experiences allowed him to work on public and private spaces as well as scenographic projects. The collection consists of a chair, vase, bench, low table, and pedestal, all conforming to a consistent design language and material.