Beetle Chair is a minimalist chair created by Germany-based designer Alexander von Dombois. The Beetlechair stands as a testament to this responsible approach, bringing environmental consciousness directly into contemporary living spaces. Constructed utilizing local resources, this innovative piece of furniture offers not only a sustainable choice but also introduces a fresh perspective on material usage. Traditionally disregarded, the bluish-hued wood, which has become more prevalent due to climate-induced spruce dieback, finds a renewed purpose and appreciation in the creation of the Beetlechair.

The creator behind this piece embarks on a journey to redefine the standards of furniture manufacturing by giving new life to resources previously considered inferior. In doing so, they propose a viable and practical solution to some of the pressing issues of our time. This venture showcases the potential for design to play a crucial role in addressing current environmental crises, by fostering a closer bond between consumers and the materials entering their homes, encouraging a deeper awareness and respect for the environment.