Bello! is a minimal bench created by Norwegian-based designer Lars Beller Fjetland in collaboration with Hydro. Continuing Hydro’s tradition of partnering with both emerging and established Norwegian designers, the company has collaborated with one of Scandinavia’s most renowned designers to delve into the creative possibilities of aluminum as a design material. The project emphasizes the sustainable nature of aluminum, showcasing its potential in a new creative direction. The result of this collaboration is Bello!, a sophisticated and enduring bench constructed from nearly 90% recycled aluminum, which is also entirely recyclable. This design decision significantly reduces the bench’s carbon footprint to a fifth of the global average.

The finished product bears no signs of the aluminum’s previous life, whether it was a beverage can, automobile component, or window frame. Designed with versatility in mind, Bello! is lightweight, strong, and highly durable, making it an ideal seating solution for both indoor and outdoor environments, particularly in public transportation hubs. The bench’s internal support structure allows for effortless integration of additional features, such as tables, lamps, and chargers, as well as the ability to connect multiple benches seamlessly. Bello! also offers customization options, with the potential for a wide range of colors through natural anodising. This adaptability ensures that the bench can be tailored to suit the aesthetic of various settings, including residential, municipal, and commercial spaces.

Photography by Sjur Pollen