Sep 19, 2021 / Furniture
Belt Furniture by DDAA Inc

Belt Furniture is a minimal collection created by Tokyo-based studio DDAA Inc. The works are a furniture series that is fixed without using glue or other adhesives or nails, but only by lashing belts used for truck beds. Lashing Belt Table, which was further developed from the table conceived for BANG & OLUFSEN Ginza, is a project in which the studio proposed a system that can be assembled without using tools. A lashing belt is a tool used to tie luggage, and can be easily obtained at home improvement centers. Here, holes are drilled in the lauan plywood boards, and the boards are fastened using lashing belts to prevent shifting. In addition to this table, they designed a set of furniture including a low table, sofa, and shelf. This book introduces the low table. The studio experimented with various designs in order to reduce the number of lashing belts, and came up with a design where the pieces are held together with only one belt.

Photography by Kenta Hasegawa

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