Binomio is a minimalist shelving piece created by Italy-based designer Giuseppe Arezzi, in collaboration with It’s Great Design. The ultimate goal of the research was to design a piece of furniture that could translate into an object representing the spatial features of the Chambre de Bonne. Binomio is a hybrid piece, a two-sided object extending on three simple shelves placed at different heights from the floor. Its functions are many: it can be used as a desk or as a dressing room, but it can also be a table for dining alone, a bench to take off your shoes as you enter the house, a hanger, a bedside table, a bookshelf, an altar or a prie-dieu, as well as a support for any type of object. Binomio is made of solid beech wood and lacquered with bordeaux varnish. It is a domestic totem, imposing with its height but simple in its forms: ready to inspire and host many of the countless daily actions.

Photography by Studio Giunta