Jul 07, 2020 / Furniture
Broadleaf by SODO SOPA + TEM-PER

Broadleaf is a minimalist stool created by Sydney-based studio SODO SOPA, and Tokyo-based studio TEM-PER. The form was inspired by the natural beauty of a leaf and its nature to wilt which has been captured into the design to not only a visual and minimal aesthetic but provide various functions. The Broadleaf base comes from a singular element and material which with its singular motion, provides various functions.

The moulded base acts as a subtle backrest, handle, magazine holder and comes attached with a locking mechanism to connect to the legs. This reduces the need for any additional attachments and connections such as screws and bolts. The Broadleaf design is interchangeable with its inbuilt locking mechanism that connects the legs to the base without any screws or bolts but rather a simple attach and click motion.

This allows the base to attach with different colored legs and vice versa at ease and allows for disassembling when transported. We believe this provides flexibility into the design and a touch of personalization to the users to pick and choose their desired height, material and color selection. The ambition for this proposal is to be made from circular plastic, raising awareness about the importance of recycling and contributing towards a circular design economy.