Mar 09, 2018 / Furniture
Brut Collection by Konstantin Grcic

Brut Collection is a minimalist series of furniture created by Munich-based designer Konstantin Grcic for Magis. Brutdraws inspiration from the industrial use of this alloy, which is mainly utilized as a structural material in bridge building and as a pedestal for heavy machinery, the plain, robust cast-iron structure is pleasingly combined with marble and the other materials used for the table tops, the wooden bench-seats and the fabrics chosen for the upholstery, creating a casually reassuring sense of hospitality. A surprising combination of almost contradictory materials and techniques.

The word brings to mind both something unprocessed, in the raw, and also the full, part-sour-part-fruity flavor of a renowned type of wine full of fine bubbles that tickle the palate. With its original, fresh, feisty style, it encapsulates a sense of function and aesthetics that speaks volumes about the era we are living in, and it is instantly likeable, leaving people with a clear memory both of it and of the place where they saw it. Conceived particularly for comfortable public spaces in which to rest, relax and socialize, the Brut collection includes tables of various shapes and sizes, including one with a height-adjustable trestle structure (some are also suitable for outdoor use), two benches, an armchair and two sofas made with a range of different fabrics and colors.