Jan 27, 2021 / Furniture
C2210 by Arhitektura

C2210 is a minimal chair designed by Slovenia-based studio Arhitektura. A chair, even one without the expected four legs, is still a chair. And although at a glance it stuns us as unusual piece of seatery, its three-limbed incarnations can be found throughout the history of grand designs. The minimalist, elegantly designed chair C2210 is visually and functionally unique. Iconic for its slender backrest, shaped in a single swing from a thin curved metal rod that, like a stroke of a pen or a play of bends, transcends the narrative of cold material.

The design of C2210 emphasizes the plastic property of the metal – the ease of its processing is culminated in a harmonious balance of the work as a whole, its smoothness, strength, stability and simple modernity. The final product is the result of material and technological optimization and strength tests, which were simulated first, then implemented in the real world. The chair is not meant for lazy relaxation, but for thoughtfulness and elegance. Despite its apparent fragility and asceticism, it attracts us because of its practicality and lightness – it can be carried around only with one finger. Made from a single material it can be fully recycled and at the end of its life it can easily melt and form into something new.

Photography by Miran Kambič