Jun 27, 2020 / Furniture
Campi di Colore by Maria Scarpulla

Campi di Colore is a minimal series of tables created by Belgium-based designer Maria Scarpulla. The lacquered steel tables in glossy red, yellow and blue are completely handmade in Belgium. Together with a new series of abstract paintings, Scarpulla presents the tables under the title Campi di Colore. Scarpulla’s quest for an essence in color and form leads her to seemingly simple designs that betray a love of timeless beauty.

The long tables are sleek and minimal in shape, but also elegant and warm due to the use of color. In addition, the steel makes for a very robust, weather and wear-resistant object. The title of the series – Campi di Colore, translated in English to Color Fields is a reference to color and landscapes, the two main sources of inspiration for Scarpulla, who spent much of her youth in the Italian landscapes of Umbria.

Scarpulla often thinks in colors, and as a designer she investigates how color carries an emotionally reinforcing element: how certain colors influence our mood, calm us or motivate and even stimulate us. These tables can therefore be seen as fields of color that influence the emotion of the user. Primary colors were deliberately chosen as the foundation to obtain a table that radiates strength, simplicity and serenity.

In dialogue with the tables, Maria Scarpulla launches a series of abstract paintings that have grown organically from color studies for the tables. Scarpulla previously released a limited series of 30 side tables incorporated with an abstract painting.