Mar 03, 2020 / Furniture
Casework by Erik Jørgensen X Snøhetta

Casework is a minimal furniture collection created in collaboration between Erik Jørgensen and Snøhetta. Together the two parties have developed a series of design inspired by how casework furniture is created for various spaces, where focus is how the furniture is tailored to its purpose and its surroundings. The sofa consists of a wooden frame and soft voluminous cushions. In addition to being customizable the series also have minimalistic manner as a focal point. The collection’s design is characterized by strict lines with a rounded finish and inviting cushions, features that emphasizes a Scandinavian design expression. Purity in form, coupled with customizability results in a series that fits effortlessly in a variety of environments.

The creation of the sofa takes place both in the studio in Oslo and the Erik Jørgensen manufactory in the small Danish town Svendborg on the Island of Funen. Here numerous design classics have been created through the years with the highest level of craftmanship, and the pieces of Casework will be no exception. A thorough manufacturing and honest materials ensures furniture with a long lifetime. To ease production, the sofa’s frame structure can be prefabricated, and customized panels rapidly mount – ed on demand in the factory. An adjustable end to the sofa’s legs makes it easy to compensate for uneven floors in re-purposed spaces. The side and back panels are easily mounted in production to speed up delivery time, and enables architects and designers to choose from a wide variety of fabric and material finishes to suit their requirements.