Sep 27, 2019 / Furniture
Cone Stool by Aspekt Office

Cone Stool is a minimalist stool designed by Copenhagen-based studio Aspekt Office. Cone stool is a study in seamless joints. The overall shape is a cone, with carved details. The joint between the seat and leg is the main concept and design detail in the product. The seat and leg flows together and appears as one unit, and not five parts glued into one. The bar stool is a minimalist piece and a response to the many barstools out there. This stool only focuses on the main functions of a bar stool which is to sit, not take up too much space and blend in with the surroundings. The foot ring is slightly over sized to hold the legs on the stool in place, and to add comfort to the stool. The bar stools are crafted in ash wood, only using standard raw material thicknesses. The stools and soap treated or painted.

Photography by Rasmus Dengsø