Discipline #3 is a minimal chair designed by Hangzhou-based designer Ding Shiwei for Objective Gallery. Shiwei’s body of work spans video installations, sculptures, images, interactive installations, and more, all revolving around the central theme of screen experiences. He skillfully curates a diverse array of ideological narratives, mainstream visuals, and philosophical icons to provoke viewers and challenge their perceptions. Shiwei’s artistry focuses heavily on manipulating the screen as a tool to foster dialogue between tangible reality and the digital imitation thereof. The screen, in his work, continually aids in forming and regulating the viewer’s interactions. By exploiting and transforming the usually passive, degraded user experience, he throws into sharp relief an ominous projection of modern politics and beliefs – the screen’s landscape turns into an anti-utopia. For this particular chair, The shape of the work refers to torture tools and prison fences, trying to create a tense and serious discipline atmosphere.