Dusk is a minimalist chair created by Tokyo-based designer Toshiki Omatsu. Aluminum, unlike iron and other materials, provides a distinct sense of lightness and elegance. This characteristic has been central to the designer’s approach to creating chairs. The goal has always been to design forms that accentuate this floating quality, giving the impression that the seat itself is suspended in mid-air. To achieve this aesthetic, the designer has explored using thin aluminum plates. While a single thin steel plate could suffice structurally, aluminum requires a different approach due to its need for greater thickness or alternative support methods. The solution was found in a structure where two thin aluminum plates support each other.

The concept was inspired by the vision of an aluminum sheet floating like a wing at sunset, almost disappearing into the light. To realize this vision, the design minimized supporting points, ideally using only one. The chosen form involves a 4mm thick aluminum plate curved like a thin wing, touching the leg at a single point where the leg curves in the opposite direction. However, this configuration posed challenges in maintaining lateral balance and preventing bending under load. To address these issues, a second 4mm thick aluminum plate with a square hole was introduced. The leg is inserted through this hole and welded at the contact point. By placing the seat plate on top and welding both ends, the design balances the lateral sides and supports the seat’s flexure, allowing it to bear a load of up to 100 kg.