Dec 13, 2016 / Furniture
Ease Table by Terkel Skou Steffensen

Ease Table is a minimal table created by Denmark-based designer Terkel Skou Steffensen for Million. Ease Lounge Table has the same aesthetic as Ease Dining Table with its use of sturdy, simple and natural qualities as parameters in an honest piece of furniture made of solid oak. Ease Lounge Table also radiates the same rich yet understated graphic detailing, but unlike the dining table, it only has three legs, which hold up the circular tabletop in a triangular construction that is also lower in stature and thus creates a more intimate expression. Ease Dining Table is relaxed coolness firmly planted on four legs in a naivist idiom that combines the cabinetmaker’s sense of wood with a technological industrial aesthetic. The oversized legs and sturdy tabletop manifest the twenty-first century in a young expression that contrasts the use of a natural material such as wood.