Embre is a minimalist armchair created by Marfa-based designer Jøna Maaryn for Lyle Gallery. Lyle Gallery announced its grand opening with the exhibition “Metal,” featuring works by designers Martha McGuinn, Jøna Maaryn, and Michelle Jiaxin Huang. The exhibition is running from May 16 to June 6, 2024, at 24 Rutgers Street, Studio 1, New York, NY 10002. “Metal” showcases handcrafted metalwork from a feminine perspective, highlighting the artists’ personal experiences and viewpoints. The pieces reflect a commitment to the physically demanding process of creating metal furniture by hand. Jøna Maaryn’s work was inspired by the desert communities of the American Southwest, particularly her time at Arcosanti, Arizona. Her designs combined elements of Japanese brutalism and futuristic architecture, mirroring the desert’s interplay of strength and fragility. Using rough concrete textures and shapes reminiscent of bones, her pieces evoked the dark, porous volcanic rock of the region. In this collection, Jøna explored human experiences and the influence of past visionaries. The Embre chair, shaped like a house, reflected control over personal spaces, drawing on her time at Arcosanti.