Ert is a minimal chair designed by Milan-based office studioutte. In a nod to the graphic simplicity of the De Stijl movement, the “ert” wooden chair is a minimalist masterpiece, composed of clean lines and a square seat. The straightforward design has recently been transformed in a special edition piece, dubbed “001 ert x SIZED,” created as a collaboration between design studios. This reinterpretation of the ert chair embodies an abstract narrative of travel and exchange. Drawing inspiration from Dutch Neoplasticism, the designers envisioned the chair’s journey from the Netherlands to Macao, where it would acquire a new, deep red hue reminiscent of sealing wax, known as cerlacca. The glossy, warm earth tone lends intensity and nuance to the design, striking an ideal balance between boldness and subtlety. In this special edition, the ert chair transcends its original purpose as a functional piece of furniture and becomes an artistic object representing the exchange of ideas and the evolving relationships between three friends in Los Angeles and Milan. With each move and interaction, the chair gathers new energy, embodying the power of dialogue and the spirit of collaboration.

Photography by Alessandro Mitola