Floating Sideboard is a minimal sideboard designed by France-based multi-disciplinary design and production studio atelier pesmois. The studio has created a new sideboard that is not only versatile in terms of size, but also has a lightweight appearance, no matter how long it is. To achieve this goal, the designer employed a simple and practical structural design, which consists of a square-shaped box that is suspended between vertical slabs acting as feet. This modular design allows for the sideboard to be duplicated and built to almost any length. To soften the angular design, the sideboard features gentle curves on the feet and doors, which not only add a touch of style but also serve a practical purpose – the curved detail on the doors allows users to easily open them. The sideboard is available in two sizes – a one-module and a three-module version. The furniture is crafted in the atelier pesmois’s workshop using traditional wood crafting techniques, and made from locally sourced sycamore maple that is responsibly harvested. However, the sideboard can also be produced in other wood species such as oak, ash, or walnut tree. Overall, the sideboard is a functional and versatile piece of furniture that offers a stylish design with a simple and practical construction.