Sep 22, 2021 / Furniture
FLW Lounge Chair by Samuel Wilkinson

FLW Lounge Chair is a minimal chair created by London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson for SCP’s collaboration with Ishinomaki Laboratory. The compact lounge chair offers a relaxed kind of comfort and takes inspiration from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the idea of creating a floating Tatami chair. The design is three monolithic vertical wooden pillars that are configured to support two upholstered cushions and two horizontal arms. In keeping with the Ishinomaki Laboratory ethos, the upholstery sections are made to be as simple as possible to manufacture, allowing for differing local production methods. They are essentially structured pillows with wooden internal panels. This version is made with fully sustainable materials: western red cedar, and for the upholstery, coconut mat with rubberized filling and needled wool.