Jun 09, 2022 / Furniture
Frecuencia by Héctor Esrawe

Frecuencia is a minimal collection of furniture created by Mexico City-based designer Héctor Esrawe for MASA Gallery’s exhibition “Intervention /Intersection” curated by Su Wu. The collection reflects on the history of intellectual and creative porosity between Mexico and elsewhere. The first MASA exhibition in New York City with functional work by leading Mexico based designers, architects and artists alongside canonical artworks that suggest for themselves some of what artists have long sought in Mexico. Frecuencia is based on the repetition of the same silhouette with slight variations in height and length that give it shape and structure. The bench is built out of polished stainless steel bent bars that vibrate on its length, creating the effect that the piece is fading. The sconces are made of polished brass bent bars, which by repeating and offsetting, create negative space for the light to exist thus giving the expression of a halo or aura.

Photography by Alejandro Ramirez