Aug 31, 2014 / Furniture
Fred by markowitzdesign

Name: Fred

Designer: markowitzdesign

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Year: 2014

Fred is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer markowitzdesign. Conceived on Markowitz’s return to Melbourne from studying design at the Danish Royal Academy, Fred has Danish masters such as Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl firmly in mind. It evokes their modernist simplicity of line and tactility of materials. However, it also brings elements which are distinctly Australian to the table.

The celebration of Australian timbers, the expression of its fox-tail tenon construction detail, as well as the evocative stance of the legs evoke a tension and poise which is absent from more staid Danish precedents. Handcrafted in Melbourne, Fred is light and yet strong, owing to solid-timber construction and traditional timber joinery. Fred has a sharpness of line matched with a subtle sumptuousness of curve.