Apr 15, 2017 / Furniture
H.3 Chair by Regular Company

H.3 Chair is a minimalist chair created by Croatia-based designers Regular Company. The designers are presenting several prototypes at SaloneSatellite, developed in collaboration with craftsman using traditional techniques, as well as utilizing benefits of modern technology like 3d-printing and CNC carving. With the products they will be presenting at Satellite, they wanted to show the design process and sensibility of different materials. They believe that understanding material and technology, and pushing the limits of both in close collaboration with manufacturers, as well as understanding the context of the project and brand your are working with, are the fundamentals of good design.

The design of the h.3 chair is focused on contrast, from the shape of the chair down to the materials of its 2 opposing segments. The construction of the chair is deliberately perpendicular, geometrical, architectural, masculine, cold, in contrast with the embracing, open, feminine and warm seat and backrest. The inspiration for the chair comes from the ascetic beauty of architectural structures, metal constructions, their pure and elegant geometry.