Haniwa Chair is a minimal chair designed by Base 10 in collaboration with Jennifer Yoko Olson. Traditional wood joinery is at the heart of all Base 10’s work, and Olson’s designs seek to show- case the unique properties of the craft. This latest design also reaches back further, drawing inspiration (and its name) from Haniwa, ceremonial clay figures from Kofun-period Japan. The clay techniques used at that time required a wide, cylindrical base to support the lighter body above, giving the figures a curious proportion to modern eyes.

The Haniwa Chair combines the distinctive charm of these figures with the deceptive strength of wood joinery. Its stout, round legs are topped by airy caning and armrests that seem suspended in midair. A hidden dovetail joint connects each armrest to the back, linking the wood planes tightly together while giving the impression that they barely even touch. This graphical interpretation of ancient forms brings unexpected character and comfort to the contemporary living space.