Nov 06, 2019 / Furniture
Hinoki Stool by Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano

Hinoki Stool is a minimalist stool designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano for Nanban. Human, product, and space would naturally connect with pleasant distance by the friendly shape and pure hinoki material”. Precisely hand-made by local artisans with sustainably harvested hinoki wood from Higashi-Shirakawa in Gifu, a durable and scented wood traditionally used in the construction of Japanese temples, it exemplifies Jasper Morrison “Super Normal” design approach and it is supplied as an easy self-assembly kit (eventually with glue, not included). The aim of this project, founded by renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, is to re-establish a connection between urban city and local forests, promoting a responsible use of local woods, preserving them, while sustaining the creation of wood items to use and cherish every day. To this end, a portion of each sale goes towards funding Japanese forests conservation.