Huber is a minimalist chair designed by Tokyo-based studio Drill Design. Drill Design has redesigned Castiglia designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1969. Castiglia is a well-thought-out chair made out of two steel-pipes sections with knockdown and vertical stacking system. As keeping its functionality, Huber chair has sorted out strength and safety by adding to joint points. Moreover, One piece of leather seat makes it possible to simplify sewing process as well as enhancing comfort. Drill Design came up with this redesign idea when they had an opportunity to sit original vintage Castiglia at Max and Aoi Huber’s house, who had a close relationship with Castiglioni in both private and business. Drill’s founders, Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi have been closely acquired with Aoi Huber so that Huber chair was born from their friendship.

Photography by Yusuke Owashi