I.R.O., which stands for Italian Rational Objects, is the newest exhibition featuring works by Vincent Van Duysen for Giustini / Stagetti. The collection draws from Italian rationalist architecture from the 1920s and 1940s, distilling its core aesthetic into modern forms. Van Duysen’s method is one of simplification, focusing on the essential aspects of form and space. This approach resonates through the new series, where the interplay of mass and void is a recurring theme. Van Duysen’s designs also nod to Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s metallic geometries, hinting at an interactive component in design. This aspect underscores the importance of the viewer’s engagement with space and object, a concern central to Van Duysen’s practice. The collection includes various pieces, such as a console, a low table, a dining table, a bookshelf, a side table, and a wall lamp, each crafted from aluminum sheets. These are manipulated into crisp, refined shapes, offering a sense of precision and clarity. Despite their solid construction, the pieces convey an air of lightness, enhanced by their satin finish.