Jan 14, 2016 / Furniture
Kaaja Collection by Carlos Jimenez

Kaaja Collection is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Carlos JimenezKaaja Collection is designed as the first furniture collection for the new Swedish firm By.Enströms. This brand is the new brand from an old company based in Tibro, Sweden. During more than 100 years, this company has been related to the furniture industry. This collection was designed in order to represent the brand values of passion about wood and traditions. Kaaja Collection can be understood as a new interpretation of the classic Scandinavian cabinets that were made in the same factory around 50 years ago. The pieces from Kaaja Collection combine the soul of the classics with new forms and shapes inspired by Mediterranean and Japanese cultures. The design combines round shapes and straight lines with special attention to details. One of the designer’s main goal was the integration of the legs in the body, creating a cabinet that could be understood as a single unit. The collection consists on a modular system t hat allows people to create their own cabinet by choosing the size of the cabinet, the legs, the inside modules, the colors and the finishes for the wood. The result is a timeless collection that can fit in different environments.