May 08, 2017 / Furniture
Kiila by Daniel Rybakken

Kiila is a minimalist collection created by Oslo-based designer Daniel Rybakken for Artek. Rybakken’s Kiila system includes a unique wedge-shaped joint (Kiila translates as ‘wedge’ in Finnish) made from powder-coated metal onto which solid wooden legs are fitted. They are secured with metal pins which double as hanging pegs on the coat stand and coat rack. Rybakken has purposefully kept all aspects of the construction visible; “How the pieces are produced is put on display. These are transparent designs; nothing is hidden from the user.” The Kiila family of objects is robust, designed for longevity. This quality has been articulated visually in the heft of the wooden rods used; they are unapologetically heavy. Inventing a system of construction, rather than designing individual pieces, pays homage to the origins of some of Aalto’s most famous designs.

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