Kimi no Isu Project is a minimal chair created by Tokyo-based designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Every year, one designer is called up to think a new wooden chair for children. Each child being born during that year in this city is being offered a chair. The project has been such a great success that, today, children of four more cities of Hokkaido are enjoying that unique present. Each chair is made in solid wood, marked by date of production, name, and birth day of each child, a logo, and stamped of the serial number. Chairs are always manufactured in Hokkaido even though craftsman are changing every year. In 2016, the Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi thought of a chair that could become the first friend of the new born. Thus this design follows organic shapes that remind us of a living thing. Also, its flat surface is thought to be used as a table during first times and then as a seat.

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