Oct 18, 2020 / Furniture
Landscape by David Thulstrup

Landscape is a minimalist table created by Copenhagen-based designer David Thulstrup. Landscape is a family of limited-edition designs that blur the boundaries between living, working and socialising. Crafted with high-quality leather from the FLUX® collection, the outcome is a vertical application, a horizontal surface and an upholstered object ideal for contemporary but timeless settings. DT.013.01 convinces with its solid and versatile design.

It is a dining table at first glance—but a discrete drawer can convert the table into a functional desk at any time. Transitioning from one setting to another is seamless: simply place your computer and other work utensils inside the drawer dressed in FLUX® Light Blue 40308 and enjoy the softness of FLUX® Nature 40304 over a good meal. Paired with satin polished steel, the table expresses careful craftsmanship that is contemporary and timeless.